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Rush is the process of introducing ourselves to prospective members and getting to know what you want out of your experience at the University of Illinois. It's set up to be a relaxed and informal way to get to know each other and give you a taste of what life at AGR is like. Rush takes several forms:


Rush Weekends

We'll invite you to campus for a day or a Saturday-Sunday overnight visit. It's a chance for you to experience what living in the house is like, as we get to know each other through a series of social activities.


On-Campus Visits

We also invite prospective members to join us on campus for dinner or other activities. 


We will work with you to find the option that best fits your needs and schedule.


Learn more about AGR membership. 

Contact us today.

Ryle Duke
Recruitment Chair

Jack Brown

Recruitment Chair





In-House Scholarships at Alpha Chapter

Alpha Chapter is proud to award over $10,000 in annual scholarships to its members through the following awards:


James E. Ross Leadership Award

Brother James Ross created the award in 1995 to encourage and honor undergraduate members at Alpha Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho who has demonstrated excellence while serving as an undergraduate officer.


David Akin Leadership Award

Brother David Akin ’68, St. Francisville, IL distinguished himself and shared his skills with others through many organizations and activities in the College of ACES and the university at large. His vision and encouragement for others to share their skills, to be involved, and to enrich our communities are embodied in the objectives of this award and the recipients.


Warren K. Wessels Award

The Warren K. Wessels Scholarships at Alpha Gamma Rho is awarded in honor of former University of Illinois College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences Assistant Dean Warren K. Wessels. Dean Wessels was of immeasurable assistance to the Alpha Gamma Rho brothers, offering counsel that helped them excel at the university and prepare for and succeed in their careers.  It is in appreciation of these qualities that these scholarships seek to recognize and encourage the undergraduate members of the Alpha Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho.


Paul K. Bresee Merit Scholarships

The Paul K. Bresee Merit Scholarship Awards are named for Paul K. Bresee, who led Alpha Gamma Rho to higher aims, goals, and achievements. Six scholarships are awarded for academic achievement on behalf of Paul K. Bresee.


Don Knoche Memorial Award

Don was a dedicated and active member of Alpha Gamma Rho, the Marching Illini, and various campus organizations as an undergraduate student.  Don served as a longstanding member of the AGR Alumni Board, including President up until his passing in 2018. The Don Knoche Memorial Award recognizes outstanding leaders that embody his legacy.


Daniel Bock - Big/Little Brother Scholarship

The Daniel Bock Big / Little Brother Award is given to six recipients annually; awarded to those pairs of big/little brothers living together with the highest combined academic performance for the calendar year. The Award honors Daniel Bock, a beloved brother that improved those around him personally, professionally, and academically.

Email for questions or more information.


Thank you for your inquiry! Please note that a phone interview and/or a face-to-face interview may be required if you are selected as a finalist.

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